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Research Advisees 2001-2002

Clay Backus
Summer 2001

Justin Salibrici
Summer 2001-Spring 2002

Natasha Brooks
Spring 2002

Chris Gowdy
Spring 2002-Spring 2003

In the summer of 2001, I started working on crystal idioblasts.  We had some supplies bought from a grant from RU, but no money.  Clay and Justin worked with me that first summer and got the project off the ground, working out the method we use to clear tissues for microscopic examination and making the first attempts at isolating live idioblasts.  We also started the first experiments on the effects of herbivory.

In the spring semester of 2002, Justin came back to continue working on the isolation procedure.  Natasha and Chris worked together to try further herbivory experiments.  Chris continued working with me in 2002-2003.

Justin graduated in May 2002.  Clay graduated RU in May 2003 but came back to take some extra classes.  He started graduate school in Biological Oceanography at the Florida Institute of Technology.  Justin.  Natasha also graduated in 2003 and went to graduate school at Eastern Carolina University.