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Research Advisees 2002-2003

Chris Gowdy
Spring 2002-Spring 2003
Lisa Bowling
Spring – Fall 2003

Matt Ryan
Spring 2003

In the summer of 2002, I started on the Jeffress grant that has supported most of my research from 2002 to 2005.  I hired Chris Gowdy, who had been working with me the previous spring semester.  He proved invaluable, working out the idioblast isolation protocol and carrying out a number of experiments into the effects of herbivory.  Although a number of people have greatly improved and fine-tuned the idioblast isolation protocol, Chris was the one who first made it work.

Chris continued to work in the fall semester, and, in the spring, he was joined by Lisa and Matt who did many of the hormone effect experiments.  Matt is looking over plants he has just treated with a volatile hormone; they are in bags to keep the hormone from affecting other plants.  Lisa returned to work with me in Fall 2003.

Chris graduated in May 2003 with a concentration in Biotechnology and went to work at TechLab Enteric Diagnostics in Blacksburg.  Matt graduated in May 2003.