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Research Advisees 2004-2005

Andrea McConnachie
Summer 2004

Raymond Hein
Summer 2004

Jeremy Hensley
Summer 2004 – Spring 2005

Drummond Vogan
Summer 2004
Kristina Webb
Spring 2005

In the summer of 2004, there were four students working in the lab.  Andrea was finishing up loose ends from a lot of earlier experiments.  Raymond and Jeremy were fine-tuning the idioblast isolation protocol and continuing earlier attempts to isolate idioblast proteins.  Drummond was hired on RU money to isolate RNA and was the first to tackle this crazy problem.

At the end of the summer, Andrea went back to Michigan, from which she was visiting.  Raymond transferred to Tech where he is working in the lab of Glenda Gillaspy.  Drummond started medical school at Virginia Commonwealth.

Jeremy continued working with me, trying to isolate protein in the fall semester.  Then in the spring he turned to working on the RNA under a grant from the Faculty Development Center.  He and I presented the RNA in a Seminar at RU in April 2005.  Kristina joined us in the spring and gathered all the data we have on crystals in the flowers of the genus Anthurium

Jeremy graduated in May 2005 and took a summer job at TechLab Enteric Diagnostics in Blacksburg.  He started medical school at UVA in the fall of 2005.  Kristina graduated in May 2006.