research.gif (2985 bytes) Dr. Gary Coté, Professor of Biology

Living Crystal Idioblasts in Culture

Now that we are able to isolate living idioblasts and mesophyll cells, we would like to grow them in artificial culture.  Can we adjust conditions so that mesophyll develop into idioblasts?  Can we adjust conditions so that idioblasts eliminate their crystals, perhaps to supply calcium to growing parts of the plant?

To do this, we have to prepare idioblasts aseptically, keeping them alive, but killing anything else that might want to grow in our culture medium.  Jeremy Hensley tried once, but the culture went moldy.  Mary Visvardis worked hard on this problem in the spring of 2006, but again grew more mold than cells.  Surprisingly, she obtained cleaner cultures when she did the isolation on the open lab bench than when she used a sterile laminar-flow hood.  This project is now on hold until the Department can acquire a laminar flow hood dedicated to tissue culture work. 


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