research.gif (2985 bytes) Dr. Gary Coté, Professor of Biology

The Dieffenbachia Biforine Proteome

A proteome is the sum of all the proteins of a particular organism, tissue or cell.  We would like to isolate the proteins of Dieffenbachia biforines and mesophyll and compare them.  Ultimately we would like to run 2-D electrophoresis to separate all the proteins and characterize their molecular weight and charge.

First though, we need to isolate adequate protein from a small sample of isolated cells.  This has proved daunting.  Brian Ingram made the first try, and Raymond Hein, Jeremy Hensley and Bob Mills have all bravely carried on.  We have worked out many of the problems, but are not yet convinced that our proteins are plant proteins and not student proteins.  Below, Bob insists that the purple color in his protein assay proves he has proteins, but are they his or Dieffenbachia's? 

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