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Courses taught at Radford


  • Biology for the Health Sciences (BIOL 105)  An introductorycourse for nursing majors and others interested in health science careers.
  • Biology of Cells and Microorganisms (BIOL 132)  A core course for biology majors that introduces the biology of cells.

  • The Eukaryotic Cell (BIOL 432)  An upper level course in the biology of eukaryotic cells. Understanding current research in cell biology is emphasized. Recommended for premed students and any student interested in cell biology.

  • Senior Seminar in Biology BIOL 460. A seminar course focused on the primary literature of Biology. The topic varies with the professor teaching it. I try to pick broad topics that allow for a wide variety of specific paper topics to fit the interests of the students. Previous topics covered were The Origin of Life and The Biology of Protists.