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Research Advisees 2003-2004

Adam Woodson
Summer 2003

Mike deMilt
Summer 2003

Lisa Bowling
Spring – Fall 2003
Brian Ingram
Spring 2004
Jason Crolley
Spring 2004

Brian Fritz
Spring 2004

In the summer of 2003, Adam and Mike continued the hormone effect experiments.  Mike also greatly improved the idioblast isolation protocol, while Adam had the inspiration to survey all the tissues of Dieffenbachia to get a complete picture of the crystal idioblasts in this plant.  Mike and Adam both presented their results at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Indianapolis, Indiana in March 2004.  Mike and Adam both graduated in May 2004.  Adam began working as a chemist for Alliant Techsystems at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant, while Mike took a job at Tetracore, a biotech company in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

In the fall semester of 2003, Lisa returned to finish up loose ends in a number of experiments and to gather the data that gave us a complete picture of the distribution of crystals within a single leaf of Dieffenbachia.  Lisa finished up at RU in 2004 and started teaching in the Wythe County school system. 

In the spring semester of 2004, Brian Ingram made the first efforts to isolate idioblast protein.  Jason finished off the last of the hormone experiments, and Brian Fritz fine-tuned the idioblast isolation protocol.  Brian Ingram graduated in the May 2004 and went to graduate school in Biochemistry at Duke University.  Brian Fritz and Jason graduated in May 2005.